How to Resurface Your Own Garage Floor

How to Resurface Your Own Garage Floor

Resurfacing your garage floor with the Ipoxi System is a DIY project that any homeowner can take on. This easy-to-install garage floor epoxy solution can transform the look of your garage in just a few simple steps, giving it a polished, professional finish. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to resurface your own garage floor with the Ipoxi System. Order online today!


Step 1: Prep & Prime Your Garage Floor

It is crucial to start with a clean and well-prepared garage floor. Begin by removing all clutter and debris from the floor. Once your floor is clean, remove any existing coatings, paint, or adhesives using a concrete grinder or shot blaster. Once your garage floor is prepped and clean, it’s time to apply the primer. Make sure the surface is dry before applying any material to ensure effective bonding. Mix the primer as per instructions on the user manual, apply it to the surface using a roller, and let it dry.


Step 2: Apply The Prime Coat & First Coat Of Epoxy

The next step is to apply the prime and first coat of epoxy. Mix the epoxy in small batches so that it doesn’t harden before being used. Spread the first coat of epoxy on the garage floor using a roller, and let it dry according to the instructions.


Step 3: Apply Top Coat & DONE

You can add a decorative chip or quartz layer to the top coat to create a more decorative, customized look. Let the second coat dry, and you're done!


Step 4: Enjoy!

Now that you have a beautiful new epoxy garage flooring, you'll be able to use it how you wish. From tail-gaiting with your favorite peeps to performing all your weekend projects, you'll have a durable DIY epoxy flooring you'll love.


You can transform your garage floor with the Ipoxi System. The Ipoxi System is straightforward to install, durable, and customizable, making it a great option for DIYers. Have a more functional garage floor, and order our epoxy flooring online today!

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